Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harvest time

Some 10 weeks ago we planted some beets in our backyard. Our "garden" real state is very very humble, but we decided to give it a try and see what it might yield.

Armed with a package of seed and lost of hope, we planted carefully and hoped for the best.

We finally were able to harvest our "crop" and it was so much fun!! Even our 2 year old enjoyed plucking the plants out, and helping divide root from leaves... It provided a wonderful opportunity for plant observation and gave the kids a sense of pride in their "farming" qualities :)

Later on, we turned our harvest into these three different "products":

Beet salad: steamed beets seasoned with olive oil, chopped garlic and fresh rosemary from our garden.

Beet leaves casserole: Mix raw chopped leaves with eggs and cheese, bake for 40 min, and you are done. Delicious!!

Beet juice dye: Use the leftover red water from the cooking process to dye some cotton yarn. Fun!!!

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  1. Love this! Good job. I have been juicing beets everyday for a month and really wish I had the space to garden. They look beautiful.