Thursday, March 15, 2012

All about plants

This year we started our Botany study, and we are including the classification of leaves by shape as used in Montessori schools. We build our own Botany cards.


This is how to make them:

  • Cut white cardstock into 18  5 x 3.5" cards (needs to be very firm, and with a non porous finishing if possible, since they are not to be laminated).
  • Using this control chart as a guide (Once in the page click on the image to see a bigger version), cut the shape of each leaf type in green felt (the shape size should be such that leaves at least a ¼ “ margin on the card.
  • Glue the shapes to the cards.
  • Make 2 labels for each shape.
  • Attach one label to the reverse of the card (This is going to serve as a control of error)

Work of the child
This work aims at a nomenclature acquirement, so you can basically work with the 3 period lesson with it. After that, the second set of labels can be use to identify each shape.Even though this material  cannot replace the puzzle, at least the use of felt gives it an extra tactile dimension, when compared with just simple laminated cards.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! My children really love to "caress" the felt on each shape :)

  2. Love this idea! My older ones, 11 and 13, are making felt pieces for their little sister, 4, to learn with. Love how active they are in teaching her. Great job and such a sensory rich experience to feel the leaves.


  3. I definitely don't want to buy the botany cabinet for my Montessori homeschool, so this is a great, realistic option! Thank you for sharing the idea!

    1. It really worked for us and children love working with it!! I am happy to know you can use it as well :)

  4. Hey Silvina, your life from this moment on will never be the same! You've been nominated for...a Liebster Award! ;-) Okay, it's some chain letter blog thing, intended to introduce readers to other small-readership blogs. Since I liked this botany post so much, I nominated you. The way to accept is pass it on. You can get the full scoop on my "acceptance" post:

  5. Sounds interesting! I'm checking it out right now! Thank you for the great feedback!! :)