Monday, May 7, 2012

Writing center

Let's face it. Many times creative writing does not come so easily to children, especially boys :).
So I decided to create special materials to encourage creativity while making the writing process more enjoyable.

And that is how our writing center was born. It is all contained in a big folder, with enough pockets to invite new materials in every once in a while.

Apart from the obvious (a paper pad and pencil) it also includes:

* Our noun phrase game

* Grammar cards to make more phrases (For now we are just using nouns, adjectives and verbs, with their corresponding symbol in the Montessori materials). As a story starter, we pic two of each category and try to use them all in a story.

* Story cards: an assortment of photographs of  objects, people, animals, actions glue onto 3" x 4" cards. (we use old National Geographic magazines for all our projects). You can use these in the same way as the grammar cards to start a story, randomly picking one at the time.

* Any other pictures that could be inspirational.

You can include anything that helps getting things started...

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